Conquer Fear of Public Speaking Today!

Quickly build your public speaking confidence in three key ways:

  • Look Confident

    Create a confident presence through posture, eye contact, smiling, clothing choices, and gestures. Create a great first impression and a lasting impact.

  • Sound Confident

    Discover the powerful presence of your voice through speaking conversationally, pausing, reducing filler words and projecting your voice so that your ideas are heard.

  • Feel Confident

    Learn mind-set techniques, practice techniques, and risk-management techniques to feel as confident on the inside as you look and sound on the outside.

Course curriculum:

3 hours, estimated time to complete core curriculum

Bonus material

Increase your confidence even more with these valuable bonus resources! Those who finish the course can also get free presentation feedback on a 5 minute video!

  • Killer Keynote Template

    Downloadable one-page pdf for a "killer" keynote" structure, showing a repeatable presentation format to increase clarity and engagement.

  • E-book: 12 Ways to Be a Confident Speaker

    Reinforcing many of the concepts in the course, this 80-page pdf (5 X 8 inch format) is a quick read.

  • online mini-course: Speech Zero to Hero

    7 short video lessons with associated worksheets will take you step-by-step through creating a presentation in about an hour that will wow your audience.

Invest in Yourself

Create a more confident you!

About your instructor

  • Diane Windingland

    Chief Presentation Consultant

    Diane Windingland

    I have come a long way since being an engineer with awkward communication skills. The mere thought of presenting to management would cause me to break into a cold sweat. Since 2010, as an author, speaker and coach on presentation skills, I have helped hundreds of people speak with greater clarity and confidence. I look forward to helping you advance your career or business through shaping what you know into presentations that engage and get results!

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